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Maria DeCastro

Maria DeCastro, a neurologist in the USA, brings her unique perspective to her patients. She is dedicated to understanding and treating the underlying causes of neurological disorders, and she uses the latest technology and techniques to diagnose and treat them. Her patients can rest assured that she will provide the best possible care for them.

Nootropics are a group of remedies to improve the higher functions of the brain. It combines:

  • Drugs to normalize the cerebral blood supply;
  • Brain stimulants that activate mental activity;
  • Drugs to compensate for neurological deficits;
  • Vitamins that increase the resistance of the central nervous system to adverse factors.

They are mistakenly attributed a nonexistent action – the development of intellectual abilities in children and adults. This is a delusion. Taking the pill does not make anyone smarter. But if higher mental functions begin to decline, they can be returned to their previous level. To do this, you need to eliminate the cause – fatigue, hypoxia or other brain disorders. This is where the prescription of nootropic drugs comes in.